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Hi Dog Lover, I'm Lyndsay

I'm a dog trainer, pet psychologist, cigar importer, wife, mother, and pet parent of two perfectly imperfect dogs.

Itchy Dog UK started as a pet intolerance side of the business (Dogs with Lyndsay) in conjunction with my husband's hydrotherapy and wellness company, Therapaws.

My dog, Soxx, used to itch like crazy. I tried everything: different foods, raw feeding, different proteins, different treats—even special shampoo and some sticky oil stuff that did nothing but stain my carpet!

Nothing helped.

I had asked my vet about blood tests, but they told me that a blood test wouldn't show up any intolerances, only allergies. And even more than that, they told me that the blood tests weren't even that reliable!

I felt a bit lost, but then I found something to help my dog.

It's a simple solution that has helped my dog and many other pet parents like me identify the triggers causing their dog's (or cat's) itchy skin, paw licking and/or digestive issues. 

And it's affordable.

Hair analysis testing. And it's also suitable for pets suffering from other issues too, such as digestive issues and running tummies. 

It's honestly made such a difference to so many pet parents that they asked me to help them with their own sensitivities. This guided me to offer human testing too.

Soxx's test showed up a big list of things that were possible triggers for him. I took just the 5 main foods that were part of his diet and stopped feeding them to him.

I didn't even worry about anything else on the list. 

In less than a month he had stopped itching completely.

He now sleeps more comfortably at night without tossing and turning and waking up to itch and he is generally more happy and full of life.  

My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!

My aim is to help as many people as possible improve the health and life of themselves and their pets by helping them to figure out the root cause of their issues. 

I'm so excited for you to get your sensitivity test results!

Lyndsay x


*I cannot comment on the effectiveness of intolerance tests apart from the tests I offer on this site. These are the only intolerance tests that I endorse or recommend.

*I am not a vet or nutrition expert.