Welcome to, your one-stop solution for hair intolerance testing for both pets and humans.

We understand that dealing with food sensitivities or allergies can be a difficult and frustrating experience for both you and your furry friend.
That's why we are here to offer you a convenient and effective way to identify and manage their humans and pet food intolerances. Our hair intolerance testing process is non-invasive, painless. An accurate way to identify potential food intolerances in pets and humans.
This revolutionary testing method is based on the principle that hair samples contain the genetic information necessary for identifying any underlying health issues.
At, we believe that every pet and human deserves to live a healthy and happy life, free from the discomfort and pain caused by food sensitivities. 
Our hair intolerance testing is conducted in a state-of-the-art laboratory, ensuring the highest standards of quality control and accuracy. 

At Itchy Dog UK, where we offer premium hair analysis tests for both dogs, cats and humans in the United Kingdom. These tests are carefully examined by a renowned laboratory based in the UK, ensuring the most precise and reliable results. We understand the importance of accuracy and aim to provide only the best for our customers.

Individuals sometimes claim that hair analysis testing lacks accuracy and scientific support. This criticism can also be applied to various non-conventional medical practices.

However, it is worth noting that these intolerance tests have proven to be highly beneficial for both dogs and humans alike. In fact, we have witnessed numerous cases where these tests have made a significant impact. So, don't let misconceptions dissuade you from exploring the benefits of hair analysis testing.

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How Started:

Itchy Dog UK was started because of our own itchy dog. We'd tried for years, without success to find which items were making our Border Collie dog so itchy. 

In our quest to help our dog, we stumbled across the amazing laboratory we partner with today. This test changed our dog's life. From being constantly itchy with bald patches due to suspected dog food allergies. To being itch free and living his best life!

And the best thing was - it took less than a month to see major improvements! 

Less than a month after YEARS of trying to pinpoint the cause of his itching.

Because of the success and effectiveness, we tried the test on our other dog who we'd noticed was starting to get itchy ears. His doh intolerance test showed that he was triggered by most species of fish. Which made total sense as we'd recently been adding more fish into his diet. We stopped feeding him fish, and he's never had itchy ears since!

We decided that more people needed to know about this brilliant pet intolerance test and be able to help their dogs without the nasty side effects or costs of conventional medication, and so Itchy Dog UK was born.

Since then we have successfully helped hundreds of dogs to live happier, healthier lives.   

*We cannot comment on the effectiveness of human or dog intolerance tests apart from the tests offered on this site. These are the only intolerance tests that we approve or recommend.

*We are not veterinary or nutrition experts.